Customer Service Software
Built For Messaging

customer service

Reply With AI

Connect a bot, while keeping humans in the loop. Hire and train our AI agent, or integrate with our SDK in minutes.


Make Humans
More Productive

Get alerts when a human should take over from a bot, triage with your team and solve more complex customer problems.


Delight Your
Customers 24x7

Toggle between automated and human messaging in real-time. Communicate and transact with your customers 24x7.


A single interface for team + customer communications

Wordhop provides an intuitive customer service layer built on Slack where 1000's of teams are already working and an SDK to connect Chatbots running on a variety of platforms. With Worhdop, AI Agents, Human Agents, and your customers can collaborate in real-time.

Add a Bot

Automate customer interactions on Messenger, or Slack with our AI Agent, or if you're building a bot, plug-in our SDK in minutes. We support the most popular bot making and NLP platforms.

Get Alerts

Wordhop knows when a human should take over from a bot and alerts you in real-time. Use our smart alerts or create your own alerts triggered by keywords.

Take Over Live

Pause your bot without leaving Slack and take over live. Wordhop opens a channel for you to chat live with your customer, then automatically resumes your bot.

Suggested Responses

Already working with natural language processors like API.AI, or WIT.AI? Plug-in your AI to suggest responses to human operators when your bot is paused.

Tag Team

Loop in members of your team on customer-specific issues. Talk privately to solve problems, or tag team and communicate together to solve your customer's problems.

Gain Insight

Identify bottlenecks in your conversational experience right when they happen, or use natural language to request actionable analytics from the Wordhop bot.